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Breaking News!!

MetalPro Resources is pleased to announce:

Super Systems, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH) now has a complete line of 

flow meters for the heat treating industry.  

Call Jim or Steve at MetalPro Resources for a quote.

See More on this development HERE

MetalPro Resources is a full service company serving the Heat Treating Industry.  We provide our customers with the convenience of a one stop location for all their heat treating needs including Heat Treating Equipment, Heat Treating Furnaces, Heat Treating Ovens, and Alloy Furnace Parts.


    •    New Equipment:  We represent the very best manufacturers of 

          heat treating equipment like heat treating furnaces, heat treating ovens, and

          thermal processing equipment for all industries.

          Visit our New Equipment page to view the companies we represent.


   •    Atmosphere and Temperature Controls:  We represent the

          industry leaders in innovative, cost effective controls for all thermal

          processes.  To find out more about how MetalPro Resources can

          help you with your heat treating needs,check out our

          Atmosphere and Temperature Controls  page.


   •    High Temperature Alloy Components:  MetalPro Resources is

         your one stop shop for high temperature alloy furnace parts such as

         retorts, muffles, fans, radiant tubes, chain guides, roller rails, and

         furnace rolls.  Alloy Furnace Parts


    •    Spare Parts:  We specialize in spare parts for AFC-Holcroft, AFC,

         Holcroft, PIFCO, Therm Alliance, and Dow heat treating furnaces as well as

         parts for your Wisconsin Oven brand heat treating ovens.  We can also

         source the spares for your Lindberg, Heavy Duty, or L & N furnace    

         Click Here  for our spare parts page.

    •    Ceramic, Graphite and other refractory materials:  We are pleased to

         welcome CeraMaterials as our new partner for those who do their own

         furnace rebuilds or major repairs and are looking for the highest quality

         and lowest prices on materials.  Click Here for details.  


    •    Furnace Installations, Upgrades, Rebuilds and Repairs:  We

         offer complete maintenance support for all of your heat treating equipment. 

         Our team of experienced technicians can help you with all your

         rebuilds, combustion and controls upgrades, major repairs, relines,

         or move and reinstall situations.  For more on these services from

         MetalPro Resources, Click Here

Contact MetalPro Resources and make one stop for all of your heat treating furnaces, heat treating equipment, and alloy furnace parts.

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