With more than 100 years of combined experience, we know how important it is to have the right equipment AND maintain it in good, running condition.  That's why we represent some of the finest manufacturers in the industry and can provide you with the guidance to make the right decisions for all of your heat treating needs.

Atmosphere Furnace Controls
Nitriding/FNC Controls
Vacuum Furnace Controls
Flow Meters
SCADA Systems
In-situ O2 Probes
Portable & Continuous Gas Analyzers
Temperature Uniformity Survey Dataloggers
Hardness Testing Equipment
PSA Systems

Emergency Purge Systems

Laser Cutting Systems


Combustion Tuning

Operator Training Programs

Floor Layouts
Equipment Installations

Atmosphere Furnaces
FNC/Nitriding Furnaces
Industrial Ovens
Induction Hardening Systems
Endothermic Generators
m Furnaces
Salt Bath Lines
Cryogenic Chambers

MetalPro Resources is a full service company serving the Heat Treating Industry. We provide our customers with the convenience of a one stop location for all their heat treating needs including Heat Treating Equipment, Heat Treating Furnaces, Heat Treating Ovens, and Alloy Furnace Parts.  

Only One Place to Shop 

Radiant Tubes                 Furnace Fans
Baskets/Grids/Trays       Custom Fixtures
Retorts/Muffles               Furnace Rolls

CFC fixtures and grids    Generator Retorts                  Roller Rails/Chains/Guides

Horizontal Furnaces
Bottom-Loading Furnaces
Mentor Furnaces
A/M and P/M Furnaces
LPC Furnaces
Replacement Hot Zones
Updated Control Systems
Vacuum gauges, sensors and controllers
Fixturing and Tooling
Parts for all brands